Kappa Delta Rho and the Men's Wearhouse Perfect Fit Group Account Program

Kappa Delta Rho is now enrolled in the Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit Group Account Program. As a member, you now have the opportunity to join this group and can enjoy these benefits:  

--Introductory discount of 40% off, off the regular price of retail items (excluding shoes, clearance, MW Outlet, Exceptional Value and custom items) at any Men’s Wearhouse retail store or on-line at menswearhouse.com . The coupon will automatically renew upon redemption.  Restrictions apply*

--Mobile access to your Perfect Fit rewards program rewards certificates and point balance. Access to men’s apparel and grooming tips through our Style Advice and Guy’d Lines publications.

--Free ground shipping on every on-line order at menswearhouse.com.

To join, visit the Google Play store for Android or the ITunes app store for IPhone to download the Perfect Fit mobile app

  1. Open the app and create an account (email address for user name, create and confirm password, first and last name)
  2. Existing Perfect Fit (PF) Rewards Program members will have a chance to link their PF number to the group account program. If not, you will be able to sign up for an account.**
  3. Once registration is complete, users will see their profile page.
  4. Lower/upper right corner, click “More”. Enter your Group ID: ALNP1710 and email address
  5. You can claim your introductory 40% off coupon immediately by clicking on the offer icon


Welcome to the Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit Group Discount program! 

*Full terms and conditions available at menswearhouse.com/discount

** Full terms and conditions available at menswearhouse.com